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Tips for Planning an intimate Wedding during Covid-19

2020 has been a year that has rocked us; including engaged couples who are need of a “plan b.”

Since backyard & intimate weddings are becoming the way to appease government restrictions and still get married (whoop whoop!!), here are a few tips for planning your dream intimate wedding!

Side note – airbnb weddings are becoming more popular & are such a great option if you don’t have a big backyard available!

1.) Change your mindset from “we have to do it this way” to “THIS IS GONNA ROCK.” During every intimate wedding I’ve captured, I’ve heard the bride say something along the lines of “I am so glad we went this route.” You will have more time with your closest loved ones and things will be more relaxed! You will LOVE IT.

2.) There will be more “little things” to figure out, like:

Power sources + amplified sound

Parking + neighbors


Rentals (tables, linens, tableware, chairs, dance floor etc),

Cleanup crew

Lights (if you’re outdoors)

3.) Have a general timeline. You’ll need a ceremony start time & a time for friends & family to arrive if they’re gonna setup! Thankfully, backyard weddings can be super flexible. However, making decisions can cause stress and you don’t want to be deciding on cake cutting times or photo times in the middle of your day!

4.) You can splurge on certain things since backyard weddings generally save money! You can splurge on that dream photographer, upgrade your floral package, or upgrade those chair rentals!

5.) Have a plan for weather changes.

6.) Ask your photographer about photo locations (will you stay in the backyard, or drive to a park if they are open?) If the backyard has greenery, chances are you’ll can stay and get beautiful shots!

7.) If you’re planning a bigger reception for next year, have a plan for keeping the dress clean. You may put the bustle up once the ceremony is over or you may plan on getting it cleaned post-wedding.

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