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Duke at 7 Months


It’s been a busy month, and we can’t believe how fast time is going. Duke is 7 months!! Greg is officially on summer break meaning we’ve been  traveling and spending lots of quality time together. We spent time in Reno with our family and Duke was enthralled with his cousins. They sang to him, danced for him, played with him…I’m convinced he was disappointed to come home and be stuck with only his parents 🙂 He also dipped his feet in Lake Tahoe for the first time…it was a little (ok, very) cold but he loved looking at it!

We also flew to Portland to meet his younger cousin, River, and visit with his auntie Alisha. Duke and River are 10 weeks apart and were both so interested in each other. And him and his auntie had so much fun together 🙂 He did so great on the plane!

Duke also had his first sleepover with Grammie (my mom). He did great and slept straight through the night…which is something he has stopped doing for us.

His Papa and Gigi came for a visit and he went swimming in the hotel pool. He was in for probably 25 minutes and loved every minute. My swim teacher heart had to work with him a little bit, and he didn’t mind when he went under a few times. He’s my little water baby!

He got two teeth this month and kissed his sleeping habits goodbye. He used to fall asleep at 8:30, wake at 6:00 to eat, and then sleep in until 9:30 or so. Once he started teething he’s been waking up crying every 2-3 hours. It also has to do with the fact that he’s exclusively sleeping in his crib now, which was a hard adjustment for him.

We celebrated 4th of July and had lots of friends over. The fireworks are extremely loud at our house…and he only woke up once to their sound.

He continues to be a relatively easy-going and fun baby! We praise God for his health, his demeanor and the people in his life who love him so well.

New Developments:

  • He has started rocking on his hands and knees…he’s so close to crawling!
  • He can grunt/cry for toys or food that he wants.
  • He can spin/turn around while he’s sitting up. If he sees a toy he wants, he will go from sitting up to on his belly or twist around to reach it.
  • He starts crying when he wants attention and we look away from him. Or when we leave a room.
  • He is in the beginning of learning how to pull himself up.
  • Not really a development, but he has started snuggling when he’s tired 🙂 He would never lay on you and snuggle…if he wasn’t asleep, he’d want to be facing forward and looking around. But now he’ll rest his head on your chest and snuggle in tight, and will sometimes fall asleep that way. It’s my favorite thing in the world.
  • He has developed his first curls! Both on the sides of his head, by his ears. He’s going to be my curly haired, dimpled face, green eyed boy 🙂

What he likes:

  • Eating! His favorite place is the high chair. He loves putting his hands in his food and feeding himself -with his hands and with a spoon
  • Being outside.
  • People. He’s such a people person and loves eye contact and meeting new people.
  • Stella and Paisley. He lights up when one of the dogs walks into the room, and holds his hands out to touch them.
  • Reading books. His hands are all over the pages and he tries to eat the book.
  • Water. He loves the pool, loved looking at Lake Tahoe, and loves bath time. He’s taking baths in the sink and enjoys looking at himself in the little floatie mirror.
  • His jumper/activity center.
  • Sitting up. He’s great at sitting up and that’s how he wants to be all the time.

What he doesn’t like:

  • Being on his tummy. He rolls over and will pitch a fit until he rolls himself over or we do it for him; yet he rolls onto his tummy in his sleep and is most comfortable that way. Silly boy!
  • Not getting what he wants (usually toys or food). But no one likes that, right?


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