July 17, 2018

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Karl and AnnE | Morcom Rose Garden & Dashe Cellars Wedding

“She showed me that there are people who care fiercely. Then Karl came along, and there are two. Two people who care that deeply.” These were the words of AnnE’s best friend…and this theme was reiterated throughout the day. Her dad explained that there are only a few people who have loved him completely; AnnE being one of them. During their vows, they told each other how the other one cares for them so deeply. Karl’s opening line was “AnnE, I never knew I could love someone as much as I love you.” I’m pretty sure the whole audience was in tears because you could hear in his voice how much he meant what he said (and you can see some audience-crying-pictures below! I wasn’t kidding!)


Not only are they incredibly caring and tender, AnnE and Karl are incredibly fun. In her words, “I want people to have some sugar, and I want people to have some fun.” Both were accomplished quite well 🙂


They held their wedding ceremony at Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland, and their Reception at Dashe Cellars. The Rose Garden is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful wedding venues in the East Bay (and I’ve seen a ton!). And Dashe Cellars is an amazing reception venue! There were games, a wine bar, tons of open space, and…well, Karl and AnnE. Who probably made that place 100x cooler than it already was. Overall, it was an absolutely incredible day. Full of everything a wedding should be: Jesus, lots of tender moments, some alcohol, tons of laughter, and an amazing couple.

Karl and AnnE,

You guys are the perfect mix of tender and goofy. You complement each other perfectly. Although all of your “public” moments on the wedding day were incredibly sweet, the hugs and kisses when no one else was looking were even sweeter. I have no doubt our Creator created you for each other. Keep each other laughing, keep loving each other the way you do…and you will have such a joy and love filled marriage. Thanks for letting Greg & I document your wedding day…we loved celebrating you two!

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