January 9, 2020

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Simon and Carol | Casa Real Wedding

Casa Real Wedding in Pleasanton, CA

One night during their college years, while Simon and Carol were out with friends, the car was broken into. Along with several other important items, one of Carol’s textbooks was stolen. She needed that textbook for an upcoming midterm. The following morning, Simon went and found the same textbook, photocopied the exact pages she needed, and gave them to Carol so she could study. That’s when she knew they could be more than friends. 

Carol and Simon became friends while playing badminton at UC Davis…and here they are, many years later, committing their lives to each other (in front of a lot of those same UC Davis Badminton friends!)

Their wedding day was full of beautiful flowers and ornate details, but their deep care for those around them is what shone. Simon and Carol have made such a big impact on so many people; it wasn’t a surprise they had so many guests come from different states and even different countries. One detail the best man shared is that the couple cooks dinner for their family every week. They love food, they love bringing people together, and they have servant’s hearts. They were made for each other.

And Simon knew that too; he concluded his vows with “there are no perfect people, but you really are perfect for me.”

Simon and Carol,

You both have such kind and caring souls. I’m so glad you’ve found each other; you make this world a better place just by being together! Your wedding day was the most beautiful start to your marriage; one that I know will be wildly successful. Thank you so much for including me on such a special day!


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