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Duke at Three Months

How is my sweet boy three months old? Time continues to simultaneously pass quickly and slowly. Duke continues to get happier and happier…and he’s such an easy baby. It’s been a month of transition for us as I went back to work, and he handles every change with ease. He became a big cousin this month as we welcomed our nephew River into the world. They’re only ten weeks apart, and I know there is trouble to be had with those two. They get to meet in June, and we can’t wait to get those boys together!!

He’s an active, happy, gassy, easy baby. Greg and I (and our families!) are absolutely in love with him…and that love continues to grow. He’s interacting with us more and more and we cannot wait till he giggles! He’s so close!

Thanks for following along with us and our sweet baby. Here are some highlights from this month!


Things He’s Done:Ā 

1.) We went to Reno to visit our family…that was his longest car ride and he did awesome! He slept most of the way there and back šŸ™‚

2.) I went back to work, so he boarded the childcare train. Everyone has said he’s been a really easy baby, so that’s made this transition go well for all of us! Little shout out to all of the amazing women who are watching him…we are so incredibly blessed! Not once have I worried about his care…I fully trust everyone who is watching him. And a little bonus, he’s sleeping better at night because he gets so much activity during the day!

3.) We traveled to Ukiah to visit my sister! Once again, he did so well in the car. He was a champ at sleeping in a new place and was happy to see the doggies when we got home šŸ™‚

4.) He attended a baby shower and was the star of the show!

5.) This is a gross one, but he’s blown out more this month than ever before. I’m not sure if it’s the diaper switch we made but I’ve been doing laundry almost every day to prevent poop stains šŸ˜‰

6.) He has become way more vocal! When he sighs, it sounds like he says “hi”. We love saying hi back!

7.) He had a visit from his auntie Alisha who came from Portland. He got to ride on her shoulders, give her snuggles, and stayed with her while mom and dad went on a little date šŸ™‚

8.) He’s started sucking on his fingers a LOT. As long as he’s awake, you can count on him trying to put his fingers in his mouth.

Things He Likes:

1.) His Mickey Mouse toy is still his favorite. When I’m getting ready for work in the mornings, he lays next to Mickey and just smiles at him. My mom is a genius and started putting Mickey in the car at the foot of his car seat…when we look in the mirrors, we see him just smiling at his Mickey!

2.) He loves laying on his changing table! His legs kick a million miles an hour and his face lights up when he’s on the changing table. He loves looking at the fan on the ceiling and the wall decor above the dresser.

3.) Faces! He smiles the most when he makes eye contact with someone else.

4.) Being tickled on the face. We touch his nose, his lips, and the area in between and he just smiles and smiles.

5.) He lights up when I blow in his hair! It gets a smile almost every time šŸ™‚

6.) He loves bath time!

Things He Doesn’t Like:Ā 

1.) The car seat. He hates being in the car, but once he gets past his fussies he usually goes to sleep. Mickey Mouse in the car seat has helped šŸ™‚

2.) Being tired. I mean, who does like it? Since I went back to work and he’s with other people, he tires more easily. By the end of the day he’s usually over-stimulated and tired. He’s been more fussy this month only because he’s more tired…once he takes a nap, he’s his happy self!

Mickey Time



Paisley get so concerned because she HATES bath time!


Great Grandma and Grandpa All the kids admiring Duke What happens when you get six kids together :) Duke and big cousin Landon! Snuggles with Gigi in Reno Kisses from big cousin Kate!

Visiting auntie Em in Ukiah!

Looking at Mickey on top of his play mat
Quality time with auntie She She

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