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Duke at 10 Months

Our boy has become so much  more fun this month! Lot’s of laughter, lots of smiles, lots of developing and lots of tears, too 😉 A highlight was a Reno trip to visit our family. His cousins just fight over who gets to hold and play with him the most 🙂 And he loves his cousins! My mom is still taking him one day a week so I can work, and a dear friend and I watch each other’s kiddos 2x a month so the other can work. It’s been a challenge getting work done since he’s in such a “destroyer” phase…I’ve nicknamed him “Duke the Destroyer” and “The Hurricane”.  It’s challenging but SO much fun at the same time.

Greg and I can’t believe how blessed we are to have this boy. He has forever changed our perspective and priorities. We continually pray for his salvation, for his friends and wife, for his mind and body, and that God would give us the wisdom and strength to parent him well.

New developments:

  • Fast Crawling
  • Letting go while he’s standing up
  • Walking quicker when we hold both his hands
  • He is saying “mama” regularly and started saying “dada”
  • He started copying us when we clap 🙂
  • He finally started sleeping in his crib 11-12 hours a night! (this was after 2 ROUGH months of him waking up every 2 hours screaming). He wakes up after about 10 hours to nurse.

What he likes:

  • Holding hands
  • Having his feet kissed 😉
  • Getting into the dog food and water. It’s his favorite thing to do in our house!
  • Showering
  • Opening cabinets. We just installed all the cabinet locks because he slammed his finger a few times.
  • Playing games like Peekaboo.
  • “Racing” when we crawl beside him
  • Eating, of course! Our boy loves when his great-grandma shares her ice cream with him and his favorite food is watermelon
  • Having his teeth brushed.
  • Nursing; at 9 months he was really fighting it and I thought he was close to being done. I’m proud that we both persevered and breastfeeding is still going strong!What he doesn’t like:
  • Putting clothes on
  • Getting his diaper changed – although he got better the last 1/2 month. He used to scream and try to crawl away, and I think our “NO’s are working – he only does it about half the time!
  • When food is taken away from him…but who likes that?

    Mom, stop taking pictures of me…

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