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2020 Photo Gift Ideas

Christmas is right around the corner! Thankfully, we’re approaching the end of a crazy year and will welcome a fresh one with open arms.

If you are thinking through gift ideas for this holiday season, I’m sharing a few favorite (unique) photo gifts you may consider!

The purpose of these gifts is to give a daily reminder of love and belonging to someone. Photos that are displayed hit different at different times; you never know when someone may need to look up, see a photo on the wall, and remember how much they are loved. Or remember one of the best days of their life. They’re the daily reminders of the heart’s greatest joys: people, places, and love.

If you had family or wedding portraits taken this year, these are a great way to make the money you invested stretch a little further. And even if you didn’t have professional photos taken this year, these will work with any phone pictures! 🙂

1.) For a grandparent: WiFi and app-enabled digital picture frame. You can add photos via an app; perfect to show grandma or grandpa what you’ve been up to on the daily (especially with social distancing going on!)

2.) For a parent or sibling: MPix Collagewall Displays. Grab photos of the whole fam and have them printed on these pre-made arrangements. Easy for you, easy for them!

3.) For the traveler: USA Travel Map to document their 50 states.

4.) For your significant other: A digital portrait! They are illustrations inspired by a photo. I got Greg one of him and Duke for Father’s Day; it’s still his phone background! You can get digital and watercolor portraits of beloved pets, as well.

Alternatively: You can get a digital or physical illustration of a home. If someone bought a house, give them the gift of a portrait of their home! If they moved, help them remember their old home with a photo!

5.) For the Polaroid user: a Macrame Photo Display! It’s super affordable & convenient.

I hope those are helpful as you start thinking through holiday gifts! If you’re a client, don’t forget you can order holiday cards, prints, and canvases through your online gallery as well!

All the best to you and yours this holiday season ❤︎

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