September 6, 2018

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Top 7 Resources for a Photography Business

Top Tools for PhotographrersAs photographers, actually taking pictures is only about 10% of our job. The rest of our time is spent emailing, sending contracts, marketing, editing, bookkeeping, and the list goes on.

There are many tools that make the business aspect of being a photographer easier. I’m going to list the top 7 that I use almost daily and believe are essential for any photography business.

Let’s jump right in!

**Disclaimer: Some of my affiliate links are in here, although I firmly believe in each and every one of these products/services.

1.) Planoly

This Instagram scheduler allows you to drag and drop images in order to plan your feed aesthetically. Planoly and automatically schedule to your Instagram and can schedule stories as well.

2.) Amazon & the Amazon Store Card or Credit Card

I buy most of my gear and tools on Amazon with an Amazon credit card. It gives me 5% back and saves my time on going to the store.

3.) Mile IQ

I can’t believe I used to track my mileage manually! MileIQ is a smartphone app that tracks your driving. You can classify each drive you take, or schedule the app to turn on when you know you’ll be driving for work. You can use the app for free if you take less than 40 work drives per month. If you need more, you can use this link for 20% Off Mile IQ

4.) The Contract Shop

As uncomfortable and difficult as they can be, every photographer needs a solid contract that was written by a real attorney. Copy and pasting one from a website does not guarantee the contract will protect you; contracts require specific language and it needs to be written by an attorney. That’s where The Contract Shop comes in! This is a shop with already created contracts for specific types of businesses written by the Attorney for creatives: Christina Scalera. I use the wedding photography template and was able to customize it easily.  Use this link to shop The Contract Shop!

5.) Online Courses and Trainings

There are a lot of online courses and trainings offered to wedding pros, creatives, and entrepreneurs. I’ve taken so many, probably too many, and here are the ones that have changed my business for the better:

Katelyn James’ Lighting and Locations course

Justin & Mary’s Lighting Guide,

Amy & Jordan Business Course  (I didn’t actually take this course, but I did go to their in-person workshop, which they said was very similar to the course)

Follower to Fan Society by Tyler J. McCall 

6.) Honeybook

Best CRM for Photographers

Honeybook is a CRM software but also hosts everything project related. You can send invoices and contracts to clients, manage workflows and client emails, it generates income reports, sends payment reminders to clients, and even has a smartphone app (it also does more than I listed…Honeybook is a workhorse!) Here’s a link to get 50% off Honeybook…I promise, it’s worth every penny.

7.) Podcasts:

Podcasts are a great way to learn when you’re on the go. Some of my favorites are:

Brands that Book

Goal Digger

The Creative Empire


8.) (One bonus resource, because I just started using this and am loving it!)

I used to go to the Post Office multiple times a week to send USB’s, booking gifts, and for my Monat Business. Now I can print shipping labels and schedule pickups from home! Scheduling pickups does require the use of Priority Mail, so if you’re only shipping small envelopes it may not be the right option for you.

There you have it! Seven…actually eight resources that are essential for photographers! Are you using any of them? Or do you have a favorite tool that isn’t on here?

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