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Tips on Planning a San Fransico City Hall Wedding

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips

Whether your plans have changed because of recent global circumstances or you originally wanted an intimate wedding, San Francisco City Hall blends intimate and elegance beautifully.

The building contains white marble, large windows, and a large staircase that make it so much grander than your average city hall venue!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips

Most ceremonies take place at the top of the grand staircase, although for a fee (I believe around $100), you can rent out the Mayor’s Balcony or Fourth Floor which support up to 100 guests.

Here are some tips for planning your City Hall wedding!

1.) Invest in a bridal bouquet. You can solicit a local florist and pick it up the morning of your ceremony. Since your dress may be white and City Hall is light and airy, colorful bouquets can make a big statement!

2.) You’ll set a ceremony time, but in my experience they typically start late. The judges who marry you often get bogged down and aren’t ready on time.

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips

3.) You need to check in before you navigate to your ceremony location. There you’ll handle the signing of the marriage certificate.

4.) Sometimes, ceremonies take place in a little room instead of on top of the staircase. Just saying that so you aren’t surprised if this happens!

5.) Plan on going to the 4th floor for photos post ceremony

6.) If you’re looking for a fun activity after the ceremony, you can rent out a cable car to take your loved ones for a joyride! (Check government restrictions and regulations first!)

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips
San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips

Overall, weddings at San Francisco City Hall are beautiful and intimate; the focus stays where it should be: YOU and your love!

I do offer special SF City Hall packages; make sure to inquire here and we can chat further!

San Francisco City Hall Wedding Tips

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