July 6, 2019

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Harjit + Suki | Baker Beach San Francisco Proposal

Baker Beach San Francisco Proposal

The drove a couple of hours to get to San Francisco, and he had her fooled that it was just for a girls day with her cousins. He arrived with his family early in the morning to setup the proposal site, and then they got to wait for her arrival. And let me tell you…a guy who’s about to propose and has to wait around…he gets a little nervous šŸ™‚ Harjit put so much thought into the proposal. He had this elaborate plan to keep it a surprise. He included their closest family members and friends. He had a vision for the sunset, the heart, the rose petals, the candles, the whole nine yards.

It was so sweet watching Harjit’s friends and family help him set everything up, clear space around where he wanted to propose, and try to ease his nerves. And when Suki arrived, they all slipped into the background to give them privacy. Suki arrived with her two cousins in tow, and they egged her on to keep walking without them. She immediately locked eyes with Harjit, saw what was happening, and made her way over to him (with a big smile on her face!). He led her into the heart where he got on his knee and asked her to marry him. After she said “YES!”, he showed her that their closest friends & family members were watching from a distance. They all got together to hug, laugh, and celebrate.

Harjit and Suki,

Thank you for including me in such a special day! (Well, I guess that just goes for Harjit since Suki, you had no idea!). You have such a great community of people around you and that is so important as you start your lives together. In all the wedding + life plans to come, don’t forget the excitement of this time. When life gets hard, remember why you said yes to each other. You two are such a good match and I’m so happy you get to spend your lives together! šŸ™‚



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