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Bent + Nikkie | Oakhurst Country Club Wedding

Oakhurst Country Club Wedding Clayton, California

The room was silent as one of Nikkie’s best friend’s shared some insight into their relationship. She shared that Nikkie and Bent did not fit seamlessly into each other’s lives; rather, they made room, they prioritized, and put each other first. They made it work. Although their relationship looks seamless, there are two people who are dedicated to making their relationship work. And I’ll add to that – if they’re walking INTO marriage with that experience and mentality, they’re going to be wildly successful.

Bent and Nikkie shared the most beautiful wedding day at Oakhurst Country Club! From the light pink bouquets (Sweet Peas Floral Designs) and bridesmaid dresses, to the beautiful signage from Letterly Signs and Lettering, to the heart-felt dances and toasts. It was the epitome of a perfect wedding day, and was a true reflection of the fun and beautiful life Bent and Nikkie have already created together!

The beautiful life they have and are creating is obviously a reflection of the beautiful people they are. During the toasts, Nikkie’s matron of honor shared that “People asked me growing up what it was like to be an only child. I said I didn’t know because I had a sister.” Bent’s best friend reiterated the same about him. In elementary school Zach had broken his leg. Because their classroom was at a 45 degree angle, he couldn’t wheel himself up to his desk. Bent wheeled Zach into class every day for 2 months. Zach shared that he didn’t now “if he just did it, or if the class drew straws and Bent got the short one. But I’d like to think he just did it. That’s the type of person he is.”

A big thanks to the whole creative team that made this wedding possible! It takes a village, and we had a great village working!

Venue: Oakhurst Country Club

Cake: Glass Slipper Gourmet

Florals: Sweet Peas Floral Designs and 2 Friends Events

Calligraphy: Cynthia’s Art Space

Planner: Modern Manor Events

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