August 15, 2019

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Tori and Jordan | Ardenwood Historic Farm Wedding

As she read her vows, Tori promised that “today, August 2nd, 2019, will be the day I love you the least.” And I just about teared up because that’s what marriage is – it’s a beginning, not a finish line. The joy felt on a wedding day is often, and should be, dwarfed by a lifetime created together. And given that the wedding day is the beginning, I’d say these two had the most magical beginning ever <3

The florals and colors were absolutely stunning, the weather was perfect, the venue magical, but nothing could compare to the love and fun this wedding brought! Tori and Jordan have attracted the most wonderful community around them, and that’s a reflection of who they are. But more about the wedding! I’ll say – and you’ll be able to tell by the amount of photos I included of it – that the dance floor was the best. The pie? Also the best. Tori’s dad made sure to warn me beforehand that I NEEDED a slice of pie because everyone needs that pie 😉 Their ceremony was the perfect mix of serious and fun; their personalities were perfectly infused into the covenant they made before their family and friends. All in all, it was the perfect day, and I couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to start 50+ years of life together <3

Tori and Jordan,

You two are a prime example of what God can do when we trust Him. It’s so obvious that your whole community admires you, respects you, and wholeheartedly supports you! You two are so perfect for each other. Keep each other laughing, keep God the main thing, and you two will be so successful in marriage. It was such a privilege to document the first of the many best days of your life <3


Big thanks to the creative team that made this wedding happen!

Venue: Ardenwood Historic Farms

Florals: The Simple Stem

DJ: Big Fun DJ

Catering: Lucille’s BBQ

Second Photographer: Laura Ceja Photography

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