July 10, 2017

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Pregnancy So Far | 18 weeks

Thank you ALL for the love and support you’ve given Greg and I since announcing we’re expecting! We feel so loved…and I wanted to answer some of the questions you’ve been sweet enough to ask!

1.) How Are You Feeling? 

Apart from being tired, I feel great! Nausea was only present for about 3 weeks; I’ve thrown up once, but other than that haven’t been sick at all. Once I realized my prenatal makes me nauseous if I didn’t have a full stomach, I was able to manage the nausea a lot better. Now that the first trimester is over, I’m hoping the rest of the way will be smooth sailing! 🙂


2.) Do You Have a Name Picked Out? 

His first name is going to be Duke! My dad has always loved the boy names Ace, Duke, and Buster. When they were expecting me, he actually wanted to name me Buster Bruton (I think my mom was pretty relieved I came out a girl). Him and my mom named my brother after him, but he never had the chance to name a second son one of those names. We had a gender reveal party with out families, and my dad was SO excited when we announced the name. Also, Joanna Gaines has a son named Duke…so there’s that 🙂

3.) Are You Going to Work Once He Arrives? 

Yep, that’s the plan! I’ll continue working in the office of Greg’s school (Redwood Christian) and of course the business will go on! I’m guessing maternity leave will last about 6-8 weeks…but as I’ve heard, you never really know 🙂 Right before I return to work, my mom and I will be taking Duke to Maui for a friend’s wedding. I’m SO excited to see that little boy on a beach in cute beach-y clothes!!! We’re in the process of researching child care options for when I return to work. If anyone knows of any good options…let me know 🙂

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