April 5, 2018

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Duke at Four Months

This month was so much fun! Duke is so interactive, talkative, and happy. Greg was on a missions trip for 10 days in the middle of March, and I’m happy to report that we survived! Duke was so happy to see Greg when he got home…he was awake till 1:00am just smiling and kicking his feet 🙂 Right before Greg left Duke started sleeping 11-12 hours at night…and 6-9 hours at a time! Several weeks later he’s still on that trend…and we are so grateful. He’s not a great napper but I’ll take my long nights sleep! 🙂

There were a lot of changes this month; he’s starting to grab things (if I’m not careful, it’s usually my hair). He really interacts with his toys now, and it’s fun seeing him try to figure them out.

We’ll see how this whole teething thing goes…based on tonight, it’s not going to be easy. Nonetheless, we are so grateful for his easy-going personality! I feel blessed and undeserving of the call to be his mama. Here are some of the highlights from this month!


What he’s done: 

  • He started teething. No fun!
  • He went swimming in the pool and loved it!
  • He visited family in Reno and slept the whole way both ways. His cousins adore him!
  • He went to the beach on Easter
  • He started rolling over
  • He has gone to Filoli almost every week with his grammie
  • He started tolerating tummy time
  • Started sleeping 8 hours at a time at night!


What he likes: 

  • Being up in the air
  • Grabbing his toes
  • Putting his hands (or whole fist) in his mouth
  • Eye contact. He lights up when he makes eye contact with people!
  • Reading books (he especially loves touching them)
  • Stuffed animals and toys


What he doesn’t like : 

  • Teething, of course
  • Being on his tummy for more than 5 minutes

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