May 9, 2018

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Duke at Five Months

What He’s Done:

It seems like Duke grew up so much this month. He started rolling over consistently, he’s grown interested in solid food, and is sleeping in his crib . He wants to taste everything and gets upset when he’s bored. He has become our outdoors boy; he stops fussing as soon as he’s outside. Papa and Gigi had a long layover in Oakland and he got to spend time with them (and they were on their way home from visiting his baby cousin who we get to meet next month!). Duke also got to meet his friend J.R., whose mom is one of my closest friends! We’ve been to visit several times and sometimes they just stare at each other. We can’t wait for them to become buddies!

Duke started sitting up by himself, but can’t hold it for too long. He can also hold his bottles by himself…he started doing this awhile ago, but has gotten so good at it this month! His hand eye coordination is increasing daily, and it’s fun to watch.

We’ve snuggled a lot, napped a lot, played a lot, and grown a lot this month. Greg and I are continually blown away by how good God is to us. Duke continues to be an easy-going, fun baby and we are so blessed to be his parents!


What He Likes:

1.) Being outside

2.) Looking in the mirror

3.) Holding and sucking on his toes!

4.) Looking at food

5.) Reading books

6.) Being upside down

7.) Eye contact

8.) Screens (unfortunately)

9.) Balloons

10.) Daddy says to write down “my mama”. I won’t complain 😉 But he really loves being around everyone! Such a social baby!


What He Doesn’t Like:

1.) Being tired, obviously. He’s the most fussy when he’s tired.

2.) He doesn’t love the carseat. He fusses a lot, but falls asleep as soon as we turn on a static radio station

3.) Although he likes looking at solid food, he doesn’t like eating it just yet. We’ve tried just a little bit of food and he’s made the nastiest faces 🙂



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