September 4, 2018

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Duke at 9 Months

Duke accomplished the impossible this month and became even more fun 🙂 August was a great month overall. Duke and I have gotten used to being alone together all day (after Greg was home for summer break for 2 months). We’ve established a bit of a routine and are getting a lot of quality time together. Nothing big happened this month except a short trip to Reno over Labor Day weekend and a trip to the beach.

Duke has started playing in his room a lot since he is mobile and it’s the one kid-friendly room in the house. He’s had several play dates with friends, and he tries “kissing” his friends (at least I’m giving him credit for it)!

We are constantly blown away that God has given us this gift and we treasure (or at least we try to) every single day with him.

New Developments:

  • He’s standing up on EVERYTHING
  • He can crawl to something he wants, quickly.
  • Based on those two things above, he’s fully mobile.
  • He’s better at feeding himself
  • He started saying “mama” consistently. Although I don’t think he knows what it means!
  • He reaches out for us when he wants to be held/wants a specific person.

What He Likes:

  • Drinking water like a big boy (out of real cups and not sippy cups)
  • Holding hands
  • Curtains and any fabric hanging down. He always grabs it!
  • Standing up
  • He loves when we clap his hands together
  • Eating! Ice cream is his favorite! 😉
  • Swimming
  • Playing with Paisley’s ball
  • Being thrown in the air
  • Mommy’s dance moves 🙂
  • Playing piano
  • People kissing his feet

What He Doesn’t Like:

  • Sleeping in his crib
  • Nursing while exciting things are happening (he gets ANGRY!)
  • When we put him down and walk away. Separation anxiety is real!

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