June 4, 2018

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Duke at 6 Months

May was a busy month, but we’re officially on summer break (well, Greg is. My busy season is just beginning with weddings). Duke is still sleeping great…some mornings he sleeps until 10:00am! Food is very interesting to him and he’s ready to start eating solids.

Greg and I worked a lot this month at the school and he had lots of amazing women watching him. My work at the school is now done, so I get to be a work-from-home mommy. He’s going to miss all his friends during the week, but we are all so excited about this new chapter.

What He’s Done: 

1.) He visited his auntie Em in Ukiah

2.) He started reaching out for people and his doggies

3.) He ate solids for the first time tonight. He didn’t mind the avocado, but threw almost the whole thing up. Looking forward to trying more things!

4.) He started sitting up on his own

5.) His activity center (the jumpy kind). We started it this month and he keeps himself occupied and happy.

6.) He went swimming with Grammie and went to the park every week with her.

7.) He’s gotten to hang out with two babies close to his age, Theo and JR! He’s lucky to have built in friends.

8.) He’s started snuggling while he’s awake…something he never did before!

What He Likes: 

1.) When we fake cough or make popping noises with our mouth

2.) Singing “Rise and Shine” with daddy in the mornings

3.) Sitting up! Definitely his favorite second position to be in; the first being upside down 🙂

4.) Taking baths like a big boy – in the bath tub and in the sink!

What He Doesn’t Like: 

1.) Being left alone! He watches us and will cry when we leave the room.

2.) Being on his tummy for too long. He rolls over super easily, then starts crying because he doesn’t like it!

3.) He doesn’t love his crib, although he’ll sleep in there almost all night (but wakes up crying several times).

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